Nanacake downloads are for personal use only. Feel free to forward them to your friends and family. However, they are not for commercial use (any activity that involves money exchange) in any shape or form. If you wish to use the downloads for commercial use, please email your request for permission.

The .pdf files are prepared for digital printing (lazer or inkjet) and not for professional offset printing. If you require specially prepared files, again please email your request.

Nanacake designs may not be altered or incorporated in any other product and/or design without consultation. You may not place Nanacake dowloadable files on your own website or blog without prior permission - but feel free to place a link!

If you would like to place a Nanacake icon or banner on your site, simply email and I will make you a special banner.

Nanacake takes no responsibility to any problems with your software, hardware, or printer.

All downloads and usage of the downloads is at your own risk. It is recommended that you first complete one test print before printing multiple copies. If there are problems with any of the files, please email these problems to:

All client information is private and confidential, and will not be shared, distributed, or sold in any shape or form.


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