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Colouring pages
Creative drawing

Colouring pages
Creative drawing

Colouring pages
Creative drawing

Under activities you will find unique Nanacake colouring pages and puzzles, creative drawing pages and things for kids to make and do. Simply download and print!

Print a backup selection of colouring or drawing pages. If party games have finished early or the kids need calming down, coloring & drawing is ideal.

Bugs coloring page

Butterfly colouring page

Cowboy colouring page 1

Cowboy colouring page 2

Cowboy colouring page 3

Fairy 1

Fairy 2

Fairy 3

Fairy 4

Fairy 5

Fairy 6

Fairy 7

Flower colouring page

Indian colouring page 1

Indian colouring page 2

Indian colouring page 3

Pirate 1

Pirate 2

Pirate 3

Pirate 4

Pirate 5

Pirate 6

Pirate 7

Pirate 8

Princess colouring page 1

Princess colouring page 2

Space 1

Space 10

Space 2

Space 3

Space 4

Space 5

Space 6

Space 7

Space 8

Space 9

Witch: Harriet

Witch: Issy 1

Witch: Issy 2

Witch: Issy 3

Witch: Wendy

Badges: Flying wings

Badges: Princess 2

Badges: Sheriff

Butterfly template

Pirate icons 1

Pirate icons 2

Pirate icons pink 1

Pirate icons pink 2

Princess tiara 1: Colouring activity

Princess tiara 2: Colouring activity

Princess tiara 3: Colouring activity

Spider template

Decorate my dress

Decorate my rocket ship

Decorate my tiara

Decorate the cake

Design a pirate flag

Design a treasure map

Design your own postage stamp

Draw a page full of B's

Draw a picture of spot

Draw a picture of your mother

Draw cowboys under the hats

Draw faces on the pumpkins

Draw Freddy the fish & his friends

Draw some indians in the canoe!

Draw some monster faces

Draw some people on the bus

Draw spiders in the web

Draw the person wearing these glasses

Draw what is living inside the egg

Draw what you see in the sky

Draw what you would like for dinner

Give me a new hairstyle

Give the snails a home

Make a wanted poster

What lives in a tree?

What's in my handbag?

Who owns these legs?

Butterfly puzzle

Butterfly puzzle 1

Cat puzzle

Cowboy puzzle 1

Cowboy puzzle 2

Cowboy puzzle 3

Cowboy puzzle 4

Cowboy puzzle 5

Cowboy puzzle 6

Cowboy puzzle 7

Cowboy puzzle 8

Fairy puzzle 1

Fairy puzzle 2

Fairy puzzle 3

Fairy puzzle 4

Fairy puzzle 5

Fairy puzzle 6

Flower puzzle 1

Pirate puzzle 1

Pirate puzzle 2

Pirate puzzle 3

Pirate puzzle 4

Pirate puzzle 5

Pirate puzzle 6

Princess puzzle 1

Space puzzle 1

Space puzzle 10

Space puzzle 11

Space puzzle 2

Space puzzle 3

Space puzzle 4

Space puzzle 5

Space puzzle 6

Space puzzle 7

Space puzzle 8

Space puzzle 9

Who's riding the broomstick?

Witch puzzle 1

Witch puzzle 10

Witch puzzle 2

Witch puzzle 3

Witch puzzle 4

Witch puzzle 5

Witch puzzle 6

Witch puzzle 7

Witch puzzle 8

Witch puzzle 9


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